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Office of Hawaiian Affairs Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund Program Outcome Evaluation 2020

This report describes the results of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ (OHA) 2020 outcome evaluation of the Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund program (NHRLF). OHA’s loan program annually surveys its borrowers to evaluate the impact of consumer and business loans on the lives of Native Hawaiian borrowers, and the success of Native Hawaiian-owned businesses. As outlined in the NHRLF Fiscal Year 2020 Business Plan, loan impact measures include borrower economic wellbeing and preconditions to financial stability, such as credit scores, debt to income ratios, homeownership, educational attainment; income; and wealth/net worth.

This evaluation focused on the NHRLF program’s consumer loans for education, debt consolidation, home improvement, and business loans. Findings provided in this report reflect the change in financial conditions and economic wellbeing of NHRLF borrowers prior to receiving the loan (Time 1), to 2019 (Time 2), while also studying the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on current conditions (Time 3).

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OHA NHRLF Program Outcome Evaluation. Summary Report – ANA