OHA Mālama Loans Helps Generations of Hawaiians Fulfill Their Dreams

OHA Mālama Loans has been supplying Native Hawaiians with the resources to achieve their goals for over 30 years. The program provides loans to help our lahui consolidate debt, achieve higher education, begin their small businesses and make improvements to their home.

“What sets us aside from other financial institutions is that not only do we offer financial funding and resources, but we also provide technical assistance,” said OHA Mālama Loans Manager Aikūʻē Kalima.

The program pairs its applicants with financial consultants who can help them make educated decisions regarding their business, education, and more. These consultants can help existing businesses with their financial projections and expansion goals as well.

“I’ve seen kupunas get very emotional because now we can help them repair their home that is in disrepair,” said Robert Crowell, an OHA Mālama loan processor. “I’ve seen us help students with funds to further their education so that they can support their families in the future.”

OHA Mālama Loans also has helped multiple generations of Hawaiians achieve their dreams. It helped Liquid Life, a cold pressed juice company, open its first store on the big island. Now, the brand has three locations.

“They utilized OHA Mālama Loans because we assisted their parents in building their business. We love that we were able to assist two generations of entrepreneurs, and we look forward to helping many more,” said Kalima.