The OHA Loan program consist of two programs: the Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund (NHRLF), established in 1985 and funded by and overseen by the Administration for Native Americans (ANA), and the Consumer Micro Loan Program. We have decided to put them under one umbrella, called the OHA Loans Program, so that consumers can find a loan based on their needs more easily.

A “revolving loan” means funds from a common pool—including loan interest and repayment—go back into the pool, so each client’s successful repayment of their loan in turn creates funds for future clients. Your success makes it possible for others to prosper.

Our mission is “to enhance access for all persons of Native Hawaiian ancestry to credit, capital, and financial services and skills so as to create jobs, wealth, and economic and social well-being for all the people of Hawai‘i.”

Our mission-based, support-centric approach makes the OHA loan program different than a traditional financial institution. We achieve our goals through offering loan products coupled with caring, supportive growth. That means offering loans to folks who may not qualify in a traditional financial institution, as well as financial education, technical assistance from the application process through full repayment, and outreach to underserved communities.

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