Kalaka Nui

Kalaka Nui: Expanding business and profits with a Mālama Loan from Office of Hawaiian Affairs on Vimeo.

Kalaka Nui: Expanding business and profits with a Mālama Loan

Nowel Dudoit-Alana
Kalaka Nui Inc.
Kapolei, Oʻahu

Nowel Dudoit-Alana is a woman who is breaking stereotypes.

“I never thought I’d get into construction. I wanted to be a secretary,” said Nowel Dudoit-Alana, President and Owner of Kalaka Nui, Inc. “But my mom was an inspiration for me. She was the first woman truck driver in Hawaiʻi.”

Following in her mom’s footsteps, Nowel got into the trucking business. Her successful trucking company, Kalaka Nui, Inc., has been in business for 25 years. It is based in Kalaeloa on the island of Oʻahu and provides jobs for her family (she works with her husband, sons and daughter) as well as 20 staff who are like family to her.

Nowel’s business had a break through when her business was able to get a Mālama Loan from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to purchase new equipment that allowed her to get into the recycling of construction materials. As a result of the diversification of her business, her company was able to see a 40% increase in revenue!

Nowel’s ability to take the leap of faith to delve into a business field dominated by men, and successfully access business courses and financial resources available to her have all aided in the success of her business.

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