Disaster Relief Loan Program

OHA’s Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund (NHRLF) Board of Directors approved a new disaster relief loan. Native Hawaiians experiencing a loss as a result of the disasters are now eligible for loans of up to $20,000 at four percent interest with up to six months of deferred payments. Loans may be used for home improvement, vehicle repair or replacement, or business stabilization.

Existing Loan Borrowers:

OHA Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund Disaster Relief Loan Program

Existing loan borrowers who are affected by a natural disaster are eligible for the following:

  • Deferral of their current loan payments of at least three months, possibly up to six months depending upon their current situation, circumstances and loss.
  • Rate on loan will stay the same
  • Maturity date will be extended to accommodate the deferral period
  • Loss must be verified, and a direct effect to their living environment/situation, or job/business affected by the disaster

Disaster Relief Loan:

Native Hawaiians who are affected by a natural disaster are eligible to apply for the Disaster Relief Loan:

  • Loan amount of up to $20,000
  • Loan rate of four percent
  • Loan term of up to seven years
  • Borrower still needs to qualify for the loan based on the Operational Guidelines
  • We will defer the first three months of payments and possibly up to six months depending upon the situation, circumstances and loss. The loss would have to impact their living environment/situation, and/or job/business affected by the disaster.
  • Loss must be verified. (Examples of verification would be documentation, pictures, etc.).

For information about Disaster Relief Loans, email NHRLF@ohaloanfund.org  or call 594-1835.

In addition, OHA administers a separate Consumer Micro Loan Program that provides low-cost loans to Native Hawaiians experiencing temporary financial hardship due to unforeseen events. Loans of up to $7,500 with a five percent interest rate can be used for unexpected home or auto repair and emergency health situations.

To learn more about the Consumer Micro Loan Program, contact Lareina Meinecke at cmlp@ohaloanfund.org or call (808) 594-1823.