Questions & Answers

Who is eligible for a loan from OHA?

What documents do I need to apply for a loan?


  • Proof of Hawaiian ancestry: verified by current OHA Hawaiian Registry card
  • Proof of Hawaii residency: driver’s license or state ID
  • Proof of Income: For all W-2 employees, one month of pay stubs, if you worked with the company for at least two years. If not, please include previous year’s W-2s. For self-employed, two years of federal tax return, including all schedules.
  • Verification of the use of funds: Estimate or Invoice
  • Statement of request: Letter as to why you are applying for a loan (Only required if submitting a paper application)

Mālama Loans:

  • Proof of Hawaiian ancestry: verified by current OHA Hawaiian Registry card
  • Proof of Hawaii residency: driver’s license or state ID
  • 2 years most recent federal tax returns with all schedules
  • 2 years most recent W-2(s)
  • 1 month current consecutive pay stubs
  • Business Loan:
    • Existing business (more than 3 years in business): current YTD profit and loss statement
    • Startup business (less than 3 years in business): current business plan to include 3 year profit & loss forecast statement
  • Home Improvement Loan: contractor’s estimate or breakdown of supplies from home improvement store or itemization of work to be performed with costs
  • EducationTuition and expenses/fees breakdown & acceptance letter
  • Debt Consolidation: most recent statements for your credit cards and loans
  • If applying for more than $50,000 for business and home improvement loans: itemized list of assets to use as collateral (each item valued $5,000+ and can include personal items and business assets such as vehicles, equipment, inventory)

How do I apply for a loan?

There are 3 ways to apply for our loans:

  • In person at any OHA office 
  • Online 
  • Request an application by phone, email or by writing to OHA:
    • Mālama Loan: (808) 594-1888, email:
    • Hua Kanu Loan: Robert Crowell, (808) 470-0867
    • Consumer Micro Loan Program: Lareina Meinecke, (808) 594-1823, email:

How DO I make loan payments?

There are three ways to make Mālama Loan payments:


OHA Mālama Loan Fund
P.O. Box 30960
Honolulu, HI 96820-0960

*Include payment coupon


ACH Payments (Automatic Clearing House Debits)
download the ACH Debit Payments Form PDF here, fill in the information and mail to OHA Loan Programs, 560 N. Nimitz Highway, Suite 200, Honolulu, HI 96817, or scan and email to to initiate or modify your automatic payments from your checking account to your Office of Hawaiian Affairs Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund loan. Important: Please be sure to attach a check marked “VOID.”


See our Contact page for a list of locations.

Loan payment options are determined at the time of loan approval, and instructions are given when your loan papers are signed.