Nohokai Production Services received a third loan on February  8th, 2018 for $100,000 to expand his fleet by 75 carts.

Since its start in 2005, Nohokai has grown to include approximately 200 golf carts, enough to be able to rent out several 30-cart fleets at a time. The company also has 30 off-road vehicles and 30 generators. Production crews from all the major networks, productions such as “Hawai‘i Five-O,” and “Jurassic World,” as well as festival organizers have turned to Nohokai for their needs.

“We have the largest fleet, so nobody can touch us as far as doing what we do,” Colin said.

Nohokai Production Services receives their third loan for $100,000
On February 8, 2018, Nohokai Production Services received a third loan for $100,000 to expand his fleet by 75 carts.

A Mālama Loan from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs helped Colin grow his company. “We used the money to buy more golf carts to expand the fleet,” which happened to be the new Golf Channel requirement, Colin explained. “They were expanding and they needed more cameras and they needed more carts to get the cameras around, so it was a good fit.” Now Nohokai can offer its services even when there is very high demand, Colin says. For example, when one fleet needs to be shipped to Maui for a golf tournament at Kapalua, carts are still available for
events on O‘ahu.

Colin advises other Native Hawaiian entrepreneurs to consider Mälama Loans. “It’s very helpful, especially with that interest rate, and it’s xed, too,” he said. He recommends that people get their business plans together in advance. Once that’s taken care of, the application process is quite easy, he said.

To learn more about Nohokai Production Services, read their success story or visit their website.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has helped more than 2,000 Native Hawaiian families with low interest loans to build businesses, repair homes and take care of educational expenses. For more information about OHA’s Mälama Loan Program, visit our business loan page.